Herb and superfood specialist Indigo Herbs is teaming up with to support and sponsor the New Year lifestyle programme, which aims to inspire people to go vegan for January.

Indigo 240 wide - digitalThe Veganuary website explains that a plant-based diet needn’t be restrictive or unhealthy and provides support, lifestyle ideas, recipes and nutritional information.

Indigo Herbs says it was built on the principle that complete nutrition for body and mind can be obtained by plants and that its ideals dovetail with the Veganuary campaign.

Company directors Steve Mckewon and Claire Kelly participated in Veganuary this year and both have remained vegan.

“Steve and I have always been curious how our company ethos could be strengthened by a collaboration with a project with equally ideals,” explains Kelly. “Since turning Vegan ourselves in January 2015 we decided the Veganuary campaign presented a unique chance to contribute to the vegan movement and spread the message of the benefits of going vegan both personally and environmentally. Its our chance to get behind a great message and contribute.”

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