Cawston presses on with premium drink range

Furthering its move into premium adult soft drinks, and just in time for the summer months, Cawston Press has added two new flavours to its 330ml canned drinks range.

The new Elderflower Lemonade combines the floral fragrance of infused elderflowers with Sicilian lemon juice and sparkling water at just 99 calories per can.

The Ginger Beer variety blends two types of ginger – one sweet and citrusy and the other earthy and fiery – with apple juice for what is described as a fruity, complex ginger flavour with a satisfying bite. The drink, says the company, has half the sugar content than the market leader.

“With our first two cans, we’ve already proved that there’s significant demand for premium, grown-up, soft drinks – ones that are devoid of artificial ingredients, preservatives or laden with sugar and artificial sweeteners,” explains Cawston Press’ sales director, Dan Broughton. “Research consistently shows there’s a shift away from less healthy canned drinks amongst adults; so these cans help satisfy a genuine need state. We also already know that nine out of ten people in Britain include carbonated soft drinks in their repertoire – with a fast-growing number of them motivated to buy ones with better quality, natural and non-artificial ingredients or flavourings. We’re going to be instrumental in growing this new tier of premium canned carbonates.”