Organic hot dog is a first

It’s claimed to be the first organic hot dog and it’s set to hit UK supermarket shelves at the beginning of April.

Organic farmer — and Soil Association director to boot — Helen Browning, will launch her 97% pork, gluten-free sausage produced from free-range British pigs initially into Tesco stores on 4th April.

Described as “moist and meaty with a slightly smoked, full flavour” the new organic hot dog is positioned as barbeque safe — safe to eat raw, but cooked to perfection in just five minutes.

“Our business is about producing organic versions of mainstream products and trying to improve them,” says Tim Finney, managing director of Helen Browning’s Organic.  “In our view, the generic hot dog today is a commoditised, pasty reflection of what it once was.  This re-invented hot dog is made with our pigs, a product with texture, flavour, bite and character and happily griddled, barbequed, fried or boiled.”

The hot dogs go through a steam bath to ensure a long, safe life.  As with a traditional hot dog they can be eaten safely raw. And although to enjoy the full flavour this is not recommended, it does mean the products are perfectly barbeque safe.  “Too many people fail to cook sausages properly on the summer BBQ, either undercooking them and risking an upset stomach or turning them into charcoal,” says MD Tim Finney, “and both those styles can have unpleasant results.”