Phrooti reformulates, revamps packaging


Infused water brand Phrooti has relaunched with fresh packaging, new formulations and a larger format.

The real fruit drinks still have zero added sugar and sweeteners, but now contain 1.4g of fruit sugar per 100ml. They are available in 330ml glass bottles (previously 250ml) with striking new labels, and come in three flavours: Raspberries & Strawberries, Blackcurrants & Blueberries and Apricots & Mangoes.

“Having secured greater investment for the business we’ve been able to act on customer feedback and take a fresh look at our products,” explains Jerome Jacob, founder of Phrooti. “We’ve increased the size of the bottles, tweaked our recipe by adding more fruit to give a stronger taste and given our naturally very low sugar and totally unsweetened USP bigger billing on the label.

“We’ve also made changes to the flavours and added a third variant. Now we’ve refined our flavours, design and bottles we expect great things for the brand going forward, with more variants in the pipeline and a plastic bottle version coming very soon.”