Pure Health Innovations launches on the big stage

Former Natural & Organic Products Europe event director and current business consultant Simon Barry has teamed up with business coach David Sherman, Canadian health and wellness consultant Lorri Stang and Scottish entrepreneur Bert Jukes to form Pure Health Innovations.

The new company will distribute a carefully edited portfolio of proven natural health products, with an accent on quality as well as ingredients integrity.

The brand line-up includes the healthy energy drink Little Big Shot – built  around a unique superfruits, botanicals and deep ocean minerals formula – Sulforaphane Skin Care range, Pure Health Innovations new 100% Pure Hydrolyzed Porcine Collagen and the marine lipid-based anti-inflammatory products Lyprinol, backed by British Olympic medallist Dame Mary Peters.

Hero product

LBS-CANLittle Big Shot already looks like having the makings of a hero product. Striking branding that should appeal to younger, mainstream consumers as well as the traditional health food customer, has been hitched to a great tasting product – and a potent blend of energy-boosting berries, botanicals and vitamins. But it’s the inclusion of Deep Ocean Minerals – a natural source of carbon-free energy, packed with ionic minerals and trace elements – that’s currently capturing the attention of natural food buyers, not only up and down the country, but worldwide. It;s the first and only drink in the world to use Deep Ocean Minerals as its source of energy.

Simon Barry told NP: “I had a fantastic time on Natural & Organic Products Europe and it’s great now to be able to be part of the industry – and subject – that I love. Holistic and natural approaches to health and wellness are huge passions of mine, and through Pure Health Innovations’ mission of ‘making a difference’, I believe we can support people as they strive to experience a healthy, vital life.”sb

Shared values

David Sherman added: “We each come to Pure Health Innovations with different skill sets, business expertise and life experiences – but we share the same beliefs in the value of health and wellbeing, and the commitment to helping people achieve those objectives through holistic approaches underpinned by the latest scientific research.

“Between us, we have 100 years of experience in the field of health, wellbeing and vitality. But we’re not just bringing together collective passions, we are determined to deliver cutting edge, world class, effective products.”

Olympia debut

Pure Health Innovations will be making its exhibition debut at this year’s Natural & Organic Products on stand 3040. Simon told us: “We’re really excited about presenting some truly exciting products and brands to an audience of specialist buyers who buy into the Pure Health Innovations ethos.” See www.purehealthinnovations.com for more information.