Faace has introduced two new products to its line of fuss-free skincare solutions suitable for all skin types: Dirty Faace Cleansing Wash and Dull Faace Cleanser/Mask Combo.

Designed to brighten and smooth clogged and rough skin, Dull Faace Cleanser/Mask Combo is a ‘multi-tasking dream’ which can be used as a cleanser to remove impurities when short on time or as a ten-minute mask if skin needs more attention.

The dual action product combines kaolin clay to combat oiliness with antioxidant-rich green tea, turmeric, vitamin C and vitamin E to fight free radicals and liquorice and kojic acid to brighten and help reduce the appearance of sun damage. Citric acid (AHA) provides gentle exfoliation while hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerine help retain moisture and avocado and safflower seed oils soften and nourish. Vetiver, neroli and petitgrain are also included to reduce the risk of breakouts, draw out grime from skin pores, and loosen dead skin cells.

Dirty Faace Cleansing Wash is a creamy gel formula which gets rid of old make-up, dirt, SPF, pollution and sweat, while simultaneously treating the complexion with purifying, soothing and moisturizing ingredients.

The wash is produced using plant-based natural surfactants derived from coconut fatty acids which whip up a creamy lather without drying skin; rose water, aloe extract and glycerine to help prevent moisture loss; benzoic acid to rebalance the skin’s pH levels; natural AHAs for gentle exfoliation; zinc to ward off breakouts; and vitamin C-, vitamin A- and lycopene-rich grapefruit seed oil to kickstart a lacklustre complexion, loosening and whisking away dirt and debris.

The brand has also announced a partnership with Dr Louise Newson’s The Menopause Charity, through which it will make a donation to the charity for each of its Menopause Faace masks sold.