Get a taster of organic Greek cuisine

organic food tasting

An organic tasting event is being held in London next as part of a campaign that is co-financed by the EU and Greece.

In a celebration of the best of authentic organic Greek produce, the event is designed to uncover the latest innovations and showcase delicious artisan Greek flavours.

There will be a diverse range of foods on offer, from traditional olive oil, olives and feta cheese to teas with saffron, organic pulses and Chios mastic. There will also be the unique opportunity to meet local producers, indulge in some delicious recipes created by chef Ilias Patsios and find out about more about this exciting sector

The brands being showcased include Mediterr, Krocus Products Kozanis, Arosis, Blauel Greek Organic Products, Pes Union and Kourellas SA.

The event is at the Chandos House Hotel on Tuesday 19 April from 11am-2pm and includes a buffet lunch.

To get a free invitation for the event, contact [email protected] or [email protected].