Beefed up: Organic campaign taps into urgent antibiotics issue

A new series of impactful ads from the Organic Trade Board’s ‘Organic. Naturally Different’ campaign has been launched during Organic September.

The attention grabbing ads – running as posters at trains stations, roadsides and bus stops – include a striking new beef ad bearing the message “Meds? I was raised on them”, “Not me, I’m organic to the bone”.

The new beef ads land as the overuse of antibiotics – a major issue in conventional meat production – is regularly hitting headlines. The ‘Organic. Naturally Different’ campaign now features seven posters each aimed at a different product categories conveying a simple, clear and amusing message to help consumers understand the benefits of organic. The campaign is also in full gear on online with adverts, recipes and #Thrifty Organic Meal planners.

The OTB says the award-winning campaign is once again sending a clear message to consumers to buy more organic and raise awareness of the benefits of organic to change consumer attitudes. The award-winning campaign is funded 50% by the organic industry and 50% by the EU and has just one mission: to grow organic sales. These it have says have increased demonstrably since the campaign began. Various factors, such as the economy picking up and food scares, have contributed but the campaign has helped deliver the consumer part of the piece and succeeded in changing consumers’ attitudes to organic.

• Retailers and brands who would like to receive postcards of the posters to hand out to customers – or who want to become a member of the Organic Trade Board can get in touch [email protected]