Couldn’t you be a bit, you know, cooler?

“Couldn’t you be a bit, you know, cooler?”

It was the only question at last week’s Soil Association Annual Conference that sent the speaker panel into a wobble.  It came from the chef and organic food judge Orlando Satchell, who clearly thinks that the organic sector could do a bit more to appeal to the younger, more urban consumer. Rob Sexton immediately disqualified himself from the debate — “they joke at the Soil Association that I am the squarest person in the organisation”. Some of the others on the panel looked a bit flummoxed too. Luckily, Nina Thomson, from the distinctly cool sounding The Space Creative was on hand. She’d just delivered a talk on the benefits of flirting, being seen in the right places and getting taken home (as a brand). “Could organic be cooler?” she mused. “Do you know what, I think it probably could.”

Cool head: Chef and organic food judge Orlando Satchell