New chapter for the OTB

After nine years as campaign manager, Catherine Fookes departs the Organic Trade Board signalling a new chapter for the organisation.

“It has been an absolute honour and a privilege to work for the OTB for the past nine years … with fantastic colleagues within the OTB and inspiring companies and committee members. I’ve really enjoyed playing a part in the story of the growth of organic,” says Fookes, whose efforts in securing contracts for major campaigns such as Organic, Naturally Different and Organic. Feed Your Happy resulted in significant EU and industry funding. She ‘goes out on an absolute high’, according to Paul Moore, chief executive officer of the OTB.

“Catherine has been with us since the beginning,” says Moore, adding that she leaves the organisation in ‘a really good state’. “Under Organic. Feed Your Happy we’ve had good engagement with retailers, and we’ve had heightened interest from people who have pledged towards the campaign,” he says.

“She goes out on an absolute high”

Speaking to NPN, Moore says Fookes’ legacy is her ability to bring people together: “The money does a lot; it helps unlock doors. But I would say the major success of the campaign has been getting the industry to focus together on the job at hand. It’s been very powerful. It’s like having an extra tool in the toolbox that makes everything work that tiny bit better. Going forward we’re looking to build on that.”

“Our job is to drive growth for the sector,” concludes Moore, adding that the OTB plans to ‘hit 2018 at a full sprint’ under the guidance of their new campaign director, Anna Rosier.

After almost a decade in the position, Fookes leaves the OTB to become director of Women’s Equality Network, Wales, which campaigns for women’s rights.