New Health claims laws may benefit organic

The EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR) may end up benefiting the organic sector, the Soil Association has suggested.

The organic charity’s trade arm has just announced a comprehensive set of ASA-cleared statements than can be used when selling organic food.

The new EU health claims regime severely limits the opportunities for food firms to make claims implying health or nutritional benefits for their products and had been roundly criticized by large parts of the food and supplements industries.

The new organic statements cleared by the ASA’s Copy Advice team also had to reflect the demands of the NHCR.

But in a new report What You Can Say When You Are Selling Organic Food the organic group says that the “ultimate outcome is likely to reflect well on the organic movement”. Whilst acknowledging that the number of nutrition and health claims will be reduced overall, the Soil Association predicts that “some of the spurious claims made by elements of the food industry will be banned for good”.