One in five suffer from food allergy/intolerance says YouGov

According to new research by YouGov, commissioned by the Food and Drink Innovation Network, a third of UK households are now affected by food allergy or intolerance.

In the survey of 1,600 adults across the UK, one in five people (22%) said they suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, with dairy and gluten being the main suspects.

The survey also found that peanuts, along with dairy, remain a major issue for children; almost double the number of women suffer from an allergy/intolerance than men; and the incidence is higher in the south of England than the rest of the UK.

The results of the survey will be presented in full at the Food and Drink Innovation Network’s FreeFrom Grocery and Food Service Summit taking place on 10-11 September and chaired by free-from food expert Michelle Berriedale-Johnson.

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