#OrganicUnboxed: OTB unveils new digital-led marketing campaign

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) has given more details about its digitally led integrated marketing campaign for 2016 – #OrganicUnboxed.

Spanning digital content, advertising, PR, social media and partnerships with high profile ambassadors, the campaign aims to continue driving organic sales growth in the UK – 4.9% in 2015.

The #OrganicUnboxed campaign aims both to “inspire consumers to try more organic cooking, through engaging digital recipe content, and ‘unbox’ the reasons to choose organic – both emotional and rational”.

The #OrganicUnboxed campaign will be launched by nutritional health coach and author Madeleine Shaw (main picture), who will be presenting the first in a series of inspirational films. An additional four films starring celebrity chef Tom Aikens (picture below) and top food blogger Helen Graves, as well as four recipe videos from The Food Network, will follow throughout the year.

Tom_Aikens_These videos will be supported with media spend, linked social media activity and skippable YouTube ads.

Catherine Fookes, campaign Manager at the Organic Trade Board said: “The ‘Organic. Naturally Different’ campaign until this point has been focused on awareness and educating the public, helping them understand the benefits of organic. With latest research showing that we have successfully grown awareness to 40% and attitudes on taste, health and organic products being “worth it” increasing year on year, our next challenge is to focus on engagement. To drive this engagement we need to capitalize on both the changing media landscape and the new younger organic consumer. Our #OrganicUnboxed campaign will enable us to compellingly communicate the emotional reasons why people should choose organic and engage consumers on their native digital platforms.”