Report published into benefits of a vegan diet

vegan report cover

Viva!Health, part of the vegan charity Viva!, has published The Incredible Vegan Health Report, investigating how a plant-based diet positive impact on health and wellbeing.

The report presents current thinking on the benefits of eating a balanced vegan diet, backed up with scientific evidence and fully referenced. It features in-depth research into common conditions including diabetes, cancer, arthritis and asthma.

Also featured are case studies of people who have significantly improved their health through a vegan diet.

“People who choose vegan diets often learn more about nutrition and the importance of various food groups and nutrients,” explained Viva! Health researcher, Veronika Powell, who wrote the report. “As a result, they can make better food choices and tend to be more health conscious, which is what this report really demonstrates.

“Research shows that vegan diets tend to be healthier and include more health-protective foods than omnivorous diets.”

Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva!, added: “In The Incredible Vegan Health Report we have, for the first time, reviewed all current medical and scientific thinking on what this means for some of the most common illnesses in our society today and the case made is wholly convincing.

“There is still work to be done to get the established medical authorities on board, but we have shown the breadth and scope of agreement in the nutrition and scientific community in the health-promoting properties of a vegan diet and I urge everyone to read it.”

For a free downloadable copy of the report or to order a hard copy visit the Viva!Health website.