“We’re winning” say US GM-labelling campaigners

The Non-GMO Movement, the US group campaigning for the mandatory labelling of GM food, says the movement is winning despite the recent defeat of Prop 37.

Proposition 37 – the Californian ballot measure that would have required labelling of GM products throughout the state – was narrowly defeated last month after the US biotech and food industries poured $47 million into the ‘No’ campaign.

But despite the apparent set-back, the Non-GMO Movement says that publicity surrounding Prop 37 put the issue on the map for millions more Americans.

A new ‘infographic’ shows in compelling visual form how “the movement is going strong, and will not be stopped”. It shows that  23 states are currently working on mandatory labelling, that 4.2 million Californians voted in favour of GM labelling and that Americans are voting with their wallets to the tune of $2.9 billion of non-GM product sales. Most strikingly, 92 per cent of the Americans “want GMOs labelled”.

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