Organic food pioneer wants ad campaign to boost indie sales

A prominent business figure from the organic and ethical food sector wants to see more effort made by industry to help boost sales through independents.

In a blog piece, Organico and fish4ever founder Charles Redfern describes the indies as “organic’s pioneers, its true believers, promoters and supporters”.

Commenting on the importance of independent retailers, Refern writes: “The independent retail sector is not only authentic, it also generates 30% of total organic sales in this country. And because most organic brands are small and medium size businesses (SMEs), which find it hard to negotiate with big corporates, indies are a much better fit.

Redfern says he’d like to see 30% of the funding for the Organic Trade Board’s ‘Organic. Naturally Different’ ad campaign targeted specifically at building sales in the independent sector.

“That 30% would go to support consumer sales of SME retailers and SME brands. And guess what – everybody would benefit. France and other European organic markets work because they have the real-food values of their independents at their core. Independent brands and retailers understand in depth the benefits of organic and broadcast its messages. That’s why France and other European organic markets are growing.”