Sustainable food site launches

future food

Future Food Shop is a new online ecommerce site launched by Alma Eureka Ltd, dedicated to selling the sustainable food of the future.

With the motto ‘Eat the future, Save the Planet’, the company is on a mission to encourage consumers to change their thinking about foods which have less impact on the planet.

Founder Gianpiero Berrone says that the driving force behind launching the site was his interest in insects as a food source: “We believe this isn’t just a fashion. Of course we talk a lot about edible insects, but for us it is an ethical question. We have known for years that new sources of food will be needed, but we also know that the planet must be safeguarded. Insect breeding is part of the solution.”

The site doesn’t only sell a selection of insect-based foods (including a dog food brand based on insect meal), but also offers superfoods, algae and plant extracts.

Visitors to the site can choose from a range of brands from around the world, and these can be chosen by category, lifestyle – ie specific dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free – and brand. And because the company has it’s mind well and truly focused on the future, it even accepts Bitcoin as payment.

As to whether the UK public will buy into the insect side of the proposition, Berrone says: “I believe the United Kingdom is a health and wellbeing nation. I believe there are more and more people attentive to what they consume. Insects are excellent, tasty and rich in protein. If the visual impact is overcome, the taste is repaid. I think the UK is ready and very curious.”

So what does the future hold for the company? “2018 is a very important year because of the regulations that should be adopted in EU countries,” says Berrone. “We are also expanding our range of products – both insects and superfoods – and preparing our own collection of products, but this is a surprise for 2018!”