Highlighting the benefits of the humble bean, especially in the current cost of living crisis, Mr Organic’s new campaign The Power of Beans aims to elevate them to the ‘super food hero they really are’.

Hot on the heals of launching its international beans range, the company is on a mission to encourage consumers through the campaign to eat less meat and ‘dream beanier’ in a bid to promote beans from being ‘a sad side dish to a true successor to meat’.Enjoying more plant-based food should be about embracing ‘naked goodness’ rather than relying on overly processed, overly expensive meat imitations, says the brand, and this is where beans step in as a hearty, high protein natural alternative to meat.

The campaign, which runs for three months, consists of a collaboration with Great British Chefs and a series of specially created recipes which put beans at the centre of the dish. The brand is also running a series of digital ads and working with several influencers and chefs.

“We want to help everyone fall back in love with the taste of beans, and this campaign is really about showcasing their taste, quality and environmental credentials, and we hope we can inspire everyone to dream beanier,” says Mr Organic’s marketing manager Megan Love.

The brand’s new range of beans includes Mexican Style Beans with Corn, Italian Style Cannellini Beans, Greek Style Butter Beans, Moroccan Style Chickpeas and Brazilian Style Black Beans.