ProVeg International has expanded its global reach by opening an office in China, marking the first time an international NGO promoting alternative proteins has done so.

The Shanghai-based office will improve the NGO’s ability to support plant-based diets, plant-based food innovation and trade in the country, and facilitate international exchange around these activities.

“We are delighted to be able to open an office in Shanghai and to work more closely in China promoting the benefits of plant-based diets as well as highlighting the environmental benefits and commercial opportunity offered by both plant-based products and cultured meat alternatives,” says ProVeg founder and CEO Sebastian Joy.

The opening of the new office allows us to promote the new green food economy

Shirley Lu, ProVeg managing director Asia, adds: “The opening of the new office allows us to promote the new green food economy and establish exchange around plant-based foods and cultured meat between China and international cross-sectors. Chinese consumers are sophisticated and demanding in food flavours and textures. I expect they will be the key driver for breakthrough innovation here and beyond.”

ProVeg is already active in China and has held five major campaigns in the country, including the Plant-Based Food Innovation Contest and the New Cuisine conference, and now, in collaboration with the European Union, it is planning to conduct market research as part of the Smart Protein Project in a bid to understand consumer attitudes to plant-based foods, identify key drivers for product development and assess market potential.

The new office was approved by the Council for Promotion of International Trade and the Administrative Office of Overseas NGOs of Shanghai Public Security Bureau.