All the shop's a stage — and you're the performer

“Anita Roddick said that your shop is a theatre and the shop floor is the stage,” retail guru Alf Dunbar told retailers at Natural & Organic Products Europe.

“So what you’re doing every day is performance!”

In his session, Dunbar explained practical ways for retailers to create brilliant customer service by promoting a positive atmosphere in-store. He stressed the importance of putting customers first to boost word-of-mouth and inspire customers to return regularly.

“Figures are our past,” he said. “People buy people first and the product second. That’s what’s important.”

After explaining how to greet customers, Dunbar shared techniques on boosting till-ring.

“Customers only see 30% of what you sell,” he said.

“After you’ve made one sale always ask customers ‘Is there anything else you need today?’ If they answer ‘yes’ then that’s your cue to offer them a product to complement what they’ve bought.”

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