Dandelion Clinic is Battersea retailer’s latest addition

Battersea, London-based retailer Dandelion has launched a new service to its customers – tailored evening consultations with in-house nutritionists and herbalists.

Dandelion is providing clinic space to practitioners for free – the Dandelion Clinic appears when a wheeled gondola fitting is moved after the store closes – so that prices are affordable (initial consultations are priced at £60 with follow up sessions at £40).

Dandelion’s Kate Sawyer told Natural Products: “We see this as a great opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience and to emphasise the professionalism of our store staff. For our talented store staff there’s the opportunity to use their experience and qualifications to earn more. And for the store there is the opportunity to generate sales off the back of consultations and widen the range of products that will appeal to our customers.”