Online detox diet and juice company MyDetoxDiet has now opened a ‘personal one-stop healthy lifestyle’ store in Greenwich, London

The shop aims to offer the very best in ethical, healthy eating, including takeaway juices, seasonal salads, wholesome soups and stews created by a Michelin-starred chef, superfood shots and vegan cakes and muffins.

All the store’s products are carbon-friendly and locally-sourced, and the food is all fresh, 100% natural with no additives and a low fat content. “Something we’re really committed to is producing gourmet food that’s big on taste as well as nutritional value, and we think this is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Ilona Wesle who co-founded the company with Susanne Kollner

“My father is a Michelin-starred chef and works closely with us as a consultant, helping develop everything we produce here to top gourmet standard. We’re all about fresh, vegan foods and tailor-made detox plans to suit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. And not only this, but we believe in eating seasonally and sustainably at all opportunities.

At present we have 14 different detox diets on offer, all with a range of durations from one day to a super-cleanse 30 days! We sell over 12 different pressed juices in the shop and our menu, for both takeaway meals and detox diet plans, change seasonally.”

As well as offering detox supplements, bath, spa and lifestyle products, the premises incorporates a spa with treatment rooms where visitors can receive a variety of therapies including detoxifying massage, colonic hydrotherapy and Lyashi Infrared Dome Treatment.

Wesle says her vision is: “To be known nationally as an exciting brand that transforms the way people think and feel about detoxing, losing weight sensibly and eating clean.”


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