Who you gonna call?

It’s a question Whitstable Nutrition store manager Michelle Newbold might well have asked when a colleague replayed some spooky CCTV footage.

Footage recorded in the shop the previous day appears to show a middle-aged man oblivious to some paranormal activity going on right behind him. Stills from the short clip show a box of tea clearly part company with the shelving and then levitate in mid air for two or three seconds. At the same time another box flies across the aisle in the opposite direction.

The story was taken up nationally by The Metro which has helped the clip  notch up an impressive 10,000 hits on YouTube. So, even if some people are entirely unfreaked by this outbreak of weirdness in Whitstable – ‘Paranormal Investigator’ Tracey Askew suspects mischievous use of fishing line – we doubt if Michele will be too bothered. Tracey, we note, “works as a full time mummy”. Hmmm.