RIFCo vibrant redesign aims to attract younger audience


The Really Interesting Food Company (RIFCo) – which has been creating vegan, free-from dishes for over 20 years – has undergone a transformation to attract a younger demographic increasingly concerned about the welfare of the planet.

RIFCo says that as consumer focus has shifted, it was clear the branding no longer reflected who the company is or what it does, so a complete redesign was necessary to define the brand as the ‘forward-thinking, future-proofing’ entity it is.

Under the strapline, ‘Food that feeds the future’, the striking new look represents the flavours contained within the food, while also subtly referencing the natural ingredients and environments from which the products themselves grew.

“When we started the Really Interesting Food co in 2001, our packaging was simple and monochrome, which reflected the technology and trends of the time,” says Cliff Moss, RIFCo managing director. “The packaging on this brand has been overlooked for too long, and we decided that a complete redesign was needed in order to capture a new, younger audience who are looking for convenient, quick and easy meals, whilst also highlighting the importance of what goes into the produce we purchase. We have finally brought this brand into the 21st century and beyond.”

The RIFCo range of organic soups and ready meals is available at CLF Distribution, Essential Trading, Queenswood Natural Foods, Infinity Foods, The Health Store, Tree of Life and Horizon.