The Collective offers up a bit of culture

The Collective’s latest creation is a range of Kefir Cultured Yoghurts in four varieties: Natural, Madagascan Vanilla, Berries ‘n’ Hibiscus and Coconut.

Boasting 13 different culture strains, the yoghurts are made with natural ingredients including British milk, and only use sugars from milk, fruit or blossom honey, resulting in the range having up to 30% less sugar than other flavoured yoghurts.

“Some people find it difficult to introduce kefir drinks into their diets, so a kefir cultured yoghurt is a brilliant way to make kefir part of your daily breakfast habit and introduce your gut to its digestive benefits,” explains Jeannette Hyde, (author of The Gut Makeover) with whom The Collective has partnered to help educate people around the importance of gut health. “The Collective’s Kefir Cultured Yoghurt range is also low in sugar, which is key for health. Reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, and increasing the amount of live cultures in your food are both important factors in keeping your gut healthy.”

The Collective Kefir Cultured Yoghurts are available in 450g tubs.