Tideford gets switched on to Ecotricity


Vegan food company Tideford Organics has announced that it has taken the next step in its sustainable journey by switching to British green energy company, Ecotricity.

Tideford says that Ecotricity, which provides 100% green electricity generated from the wind and sun, was a natural fit for the brand when it came to selecting its new energy supplier.

ecotricity“Tideford always aims to make delicious food that’s good for you, and the planet,” explains Tideford managing director Lynette Sinclair. “It’s the reason we’ve always been organic, and one of the main reasons we became a vegan company. The next logical step was to find the greenest possible energy to power our business, so we’re delighted to be partnering with Ecotricity.”

Dale Vince, the vegan founder of Ecotricity, adds: “Switching to green energy is one of the biggest things – and the easiest things – that any business can do to cut the emissions that cause climate change. By switching to green energy, Tideford Organics will reduce the environmental impact of its own operations, while supporting Britain’s energy independence and the green economy.”