Clearspring Limited Edition Organic Okumidori Matcha

Clearspring is launching an exclusive limited-edition Matcha to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary: Clearspring Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Okumidori Matcha.

The limited-edition Organic Okumidori Matcha has been specially selected by Clearspring’s tea master Nagata-san. Okumidori, meaning ‘deepest green’, is a superior, artisanal matcha from Wazuka, in Uji, Kyoto, a place steeped in eight centuries of matcha history. Of all the tea fields in Japan, fewer than 5% are dedicated to growing Okumidori Matcha, which makes it so valuable. Clearspring will be donating £1 from the sale of each pack of its Limited-Edition Matcha to long-term charity partner and community cookery school Made in Hackney.

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