Neutrient™ Vegan D3+K2 Oral Spray 5-month supply

Outshine with Neutrient™ Vegan D3+K2 this season!

Neutrient™ launched the first in a series of effective nutritional products, essential for many client daily wellness protocols. This oral spray is a potent, high-dose, vegan form, containing bioactive D3 sourced from lichens and vitamin K2 present as MK-7.

✓ Just one spray a day delivers 2000 IU vitamin D3, 75 mcg vitamin K2 MK-7
✓ Contains 150 sprays per bottle, 5-month supply
✓ Handy oral spray for maximised absorption
✓ A fast and convenient way to increase vitamin D and K intakes
✓ Vegan certification from The Vegan Society
✓ Best value for size and potency which your customers will appreciate

RRP: £19.98

Tel: 0203 239 4907