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Tackling taboos

With ethical alternatives now appealing to a wider audience, and with a broader choice of natural, organic, safer and more transparent personal care products...

The K word

With celebrity followers helping boost its appeal the keto diet is still very much in vogue. But does it sit comfortably within the natural health sector?

Breaking bad

Bone and joint health issues are a worry for many modern consumers – so it’s great news that the natural health industry has cooked...

A winter like no other

In a year characterized by the coronavirus, how will winter 2020 lookfor the natural remedies sector? Kate Miller speaks to the experts

Fit for future

COVID-19 has placed good health in old age firmly into the spotlight, but are people more savvy about investing in their wellbeing?

Eat, sleep, move, repeat

Rosie Greenaway shares a checklist of products which health stores could offer to active lifestyle enthusiasts.

Generation Snowflake

As Generation Snowflake transitions us away from the stiff upper lip of Britain’s past, Matt Chittock explores how society is opening up about mental health

Digital degeneration

Rosie Greenaway eyes up the impact of too much everyday screen time during multiple lockdowns on the health of our retinas.

Nature has the answer

As we continue to face COVID-19 challenges, organic is enjoying growth. Emily McCoy hears why the Organic September campaign says nature has the answer.

Breaking the age barrier

Diane Millis discovers how the senior health category now needs to cater to various life stages, attitudes and expectations Age is no longer a barrier....

NATRUE joins British Beauty Council

NATRUE has announced that Mark Smith has been appointed to represent it on the affiliate board of the British Beauty Council (BBC).

The flavours of the world

Globetrotting may be off limits, but Rosie Greenaway tours the Foods of the World sector to see which foreign influences are on shelves. 

Living life on the veg

Plates of lifeless veg and soggy ‘fishless fingers’ are a thing of the past. Rosie Greenaway orders the vegan catch of the day, explores...

Protein goes green

From the humble pea to the mighty sunflower, plant-based sources of protein are gaining ground. Jo Caird examines the market and reports on a...

Lardered up

Show some cupboard love for organic and natural essentials, says Matt Chittock From organic tinned tomatoes to freshly baked gluten-free bread, store cupboard staples...

Back to the future

The natural health industry is taking a joint approach to bone health, blending proven treatments and new approaches, writes Matt Chittock


This year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe was the perfect place to get a comprehensive insight into how the free-from sector is performing –...

Field leader

The Organic Herb Trading Company has been at the cutting-edge of the organic herbal ingredients sector for three decades. Here, Natural Products talks with...

Best bar none

With small chocolate producers choosing to trade directly, Jane Wolfe takes a look at the rise in artisan bean to bar chocolatiers who are putting cocoa farmers’ welfare before profit 

A winter’s tale

Kate Miller explains why a good work ethic merely increases the spread of germs in the workplace, and looks at which natural remedies are...