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Joint initiative

Kate Miller takes a look at the causes of joint and bone problems and why their increasing incidence are driving customers to look for...

Gut vibrations

With irritable bowel syndrome affecting approximately 12 million people in the UK, Jane Wolfe finds out how diet and lifestyle changes can significantly help...

Conscious catwalk

Fashion and beauty have always been intrinsically linked, and now, Jane Wolfe discovers, natural cosmetic brands and eco-conscious designers are teaming up to promote...

Fur, feathers and fangs

Man’s best friend? Part of the family? Emily McCoy showcases a raft of NPD for pet lovers who wants the best for their animal companions.

Celebrating organic

Organic September, the Soil Association’s month-long celebration of all things organic, offers a fantastic opportunity for independents to boost takings and reach out to...

Life in plastic: not fantastic

As the world finally wakes up to the disastrous effects of plastic on our environment, Rosie Greenaway examines the measures being taken to limit future impact and reverse the damage, speaking to the retailers who are saying no to packaging. These zero waste pioneers are highlighting the political sway of consumer purchasing power, challenging the industry to lead from the front line and radically re-think its attitude towards plastic

Allergy in the UK

‘New to nature’ chemicals, industrial farming, over-processed food and excessive hygiene have all have been linked with the epidemic of allergy we’re seeing in...

Best of British

In light of COVID and the uncertainty around Brexit with regard to food safety, consumers are increasingly appreciative of British producers and attracted to...

Wellbeing meets wanderlust

Rosie Greenaway packs her bags and heads off in search of new scenery with natural products in tow to maintain wellbeing on the road.

Future food

The superfood category is coming of age with sophisticated new ways for consumers to get their hit of healthy nutrients From the positive health benefits...

Running to the beet

The supplements fuelling the UK’s fastest runners are changing. Paul Halford jumps into the sports nutrition scene to see how natural products are helping to shave seconds off marathon times, and how the retail landscape is shifting

Baby it’s you

With Britain undergoing something of a baby boom, retailers with good parent and baby categories in store are proving that they’re no dummies. Kate...

Trade talks

Jim Manson talks to British brands boldly breaking into new global export markets in the post-Brexit trade era.

Viva la vulva!

Jane Wolfe finds out that natural self-care brands are taking on the challenge to educate and change attitudes towards intimate health

Christmas stock in?

Kate Miller finds that for Xmas stock, it pays to plan ahead and maybe take a risk For most of us Firework Night means lots...

Colour pop

That old childhood adage ‘eat up your greens’ has moved on, writes Denise Barrett, to a new generation of rainbow-coloured superfoods.

Chewing the fat

There’s a wealth of healthy and natural products available for shoppers that want to fight the flab and detox safely The UK is going through...

Gut feeling

Matt Chittock discovers the best natural approaches to help bloated consumers get back to balance. Do your customers complain about pain or irritability in...

Terra vision

The Prince of Wales’ new Terra Carta symbolizes a new spirit of collective action on sustainability, writes Jim Manson.

Breaking bad

Bone and joint health issues are a worry for many modern consumers – so it’s great news that the natural health industry has cooked...