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Allergy season is almost upon us, but hay fever isn’t the only seasonal concern on consumers’ minds. Rosie Greenaway explores asthma – another common allergic complaint – and speaks with Andrew Thomas of BetterYou about the ‘lightbulb moment’ that revolutionized his respiratory problems

Allergy is a hugely personal word: to some it signals runny noses, itchy eyes and avoiding cats or meadows in spring. To others, it’s a life of EpiPens, ingredient scrutiny and a fear
of accidental nut consumption. But for many Brits, allergy denotes chronic respiratory and skin issues. Since the NHS often treats the latter two ailments with little more than a steroid-based solution and a wave goodbye, there’s a clear need for natural alternatives which offer long-term symptom management.

According to Asthma UK, ‘asthma prevalence is thought to have plateaued since the late 1990s’, however 5.4 million Brits remain under treatment for asthma and the most recent data shows that in 2014 asthma-related deaths totalled 1,216. The charity suggests that the NHS spends ‘around £1 billion a year treating and caring for people with asthma’, and Andrew Thomas, founder of BetterYou, is here to explain why the sun and the sea could reduce that expenditure.

Attacking asthma 
From personal experience, Thomas believes that inhalers have ‘become a bit of a crutch’. “I wouldn’t go anywhere without mine,” he remembers. Now he’s keen to share how he relieved his symptoms naturally and why he’ll stay faithful to the vitamins and minerals which have helped him.

When he started BetterYou some ten years ago, Thomas did so because of the ‘unbelievable relief’ he had discovered from taking magnesium – initially alone and subsequently in partnership with vitamin D. This VMS application may not automatically spring to mind for most people; indeed, he says it’s one of the industry’s ‘best kept secrets’. “Magnesium unfortunately doesn’t get the press; it doesn’t seem to have a PR agent, but I’m working hard on that!”

“I have been off my steroid-based inhalers for ten years now,” says Thomas. “I have between ten to 20 sprays of original magnesium a day. Every time I have a bath I tip the magnesium flakes in, but I also use the lotion as well – I habitually put it on my upper arms, shoulders and chest, where I carry my stress. Once it goes into the skin, it goes into the interstitial fluid and dissipates around the body. Application directly onto areas of concern appears to have a positive impact.
It’s about regular usage; getting it into your bathroom routine is the thing to do. With vitamin D, I have 3,000iu a day. It’s an amazing revelation, a light bulb moment. It’s transformed my life.”

A winning combination
“With magnesium you’re talking about sea; with vitamin D you’re talking about sun. It’s something that we’ve known about for a while. The Victorians were really good at this. They said if you need to recuperate, go to the seaside; get some sun and get some sea air. They didn’t quite know the scientific reasons, they just knew it worked. A lot of children’s wards in Victorian hospitals would have balconies, so they had access to the sun. We’ve got some catching up to do,” he says.

The science behind his theory involves the absorption of calcium. “Calcium is a hardener; if you have undissolved calcium – and we have a tremendous amount of calcium in a western diet – then that is basically circling around the body as a stiffening mechanism for soft tissue within your respiratory system. An increase in magnesium and vitamin D allows your body to break down that calcium and make it soluble, then it can be transported into the bone. That’s a pretty black and white understanding of the role I believe magnesium and vitamin D play in the respiratory system.

“The published reports and trials for vitamin D don’t look like they’re slowing down and this is a good thing. The more we understand about things we can act on, the better.”

Neonatal prevention
As ever, prevention is better than cure. “I think that’s how we’ve got to look at this. If you could reduce the potential risk of asthma by 7-10% by taking vitamin D, you’d just do it. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s enhancing your chances of survival.” Thomas is referring to a body of research recently released by King’s College London (KCL), which indicated that increased vitamin D supplementation during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy has been observed to benefit a baby’s immune system, reducing its chances of asthma in infancy and childhood. The research was born from previous studies which showed links between vitamin D deficiencies in mothers and the development of respiratory disease
in their offspring.

“If you’re looking at the body’s resistance to allergies it will start in the womb. What KCL found was that vitamin D isn’t this magic bullet, but it allows the body to become more resilient. It’s a particularly good test because we know of vitamin D’s role in lung development in utero but also during childhood development. The maturation and subsequent production of lungs is absolutely vital during pregnancy, as is the role of vitamin D in that.”

Thomas believes the study was ‘very measured’ in its conclusion. “I think  this trial was really good.  It was simple; it just looked at the body’s ability to resist a particular allergy – which happened to be asthma – and they could see that elevated vitamin D enhances the body’s resistance. The undeniable fact is that childhood asthma … and allergies are increasing. Historically, our levels of vitamin D have been declining over the past 100 years. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together,” he says.

Thomas explains that ‘it is not just safe, it’s really essential’ for women to increase their vitamin D intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and BetterYou is facilitating this. “One of our sprays has been formulated specifically for pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

Skin solutions 
Magnesium, Thomas explains, can also benefit eczema, but it can be an unpleasant experience, he warns. “You’re talking about applying what is effectively a salt solution onto broken skin. We used to have people who would apply the spray onto their areas of eczema, stand there as long as they could bear and then shower off, which is why we started looking at other ways of doing it. It can be very uncomfortable, but the healing process is accelerated dramatically.”

If an eczema sufferer can push through the discomfort of transdermal application to inflamed skin, that endurance will afford them the freedom to use as much magnesium on the skin as they feel is necessary.

Thomas explains: “It’s a relaxant and therefore it tends to have a laxative effect. So there’s an upper limit that people can take orally, whereas if you apply it through the skin there’s no upper limit and the absorption is guaranteed. It’s also a wonderful muscle relaxant.”

This is advice worth remembering for retailers who want to help guide customers with dermatitis towards the sea of mineral relief available to them.



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