Clipper extends decaff line

Clipper Teas
Clipper Teas

Natural and organic brand Clipper Teas has expanded its range of decaffeinated teas with three new products.

There are two new Fairtrade and organic options – an Earl Grey Decaf Tea described as light and refreshing with the distinctive citrus zing of bergamot, and Pure Green Decaf Tea – as well as Clipper Teas Everyday Decaf Tea, a full and rich brew blended with Assam.

The teas are naturally decaffeinated in a method that filters the tea with CO2 rather than using harsh chemicals, and the tea bags are unbleached, non-GM and made with a biodegradable, plant-based material.

“Decaffeinated tea consumption is on the rise for a number of reasons; growing awareness of the natural benefits of good sleep; increased appeal with a younger and more health-conscious demographic and rising demand for specialist teas that can support a healthier lifestyle,” explains Bryan Martins, marketing director for Clipper Teas at Wessanen UK.