Innovative cake line mixes it up

Alternative Foods is proclaiming its Alternative Cakes range a ‘new kind of ethical all-plant treat’ due to its use of the naturally occurring protein aquafaba instead of egg.

The ethical food company has been working with the School of Food Science & Nutrition at the University of Leeds to stabilize the natural proteins in aquafaba so it can be effectively used in home baking as a vegan egg replacement. The end result is Alternative OGGS, which is set to launch as a standalone product this spring.

The Alternative Cake range uses OGGS along with a range of natural, plant-based ingredients to create flavours including: Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate Fudge, Carrot Cake and Victoria Sponge. A Children’s Fairy Cake range, which is 30% reduced sugar, will also be launching shortly.

“Unusually, this all-plant range is not going to be targeted at vegans,” explains Alternative Foods founder Hannah Carter. “We are marketing the range to absolutely everyone, but suitable for vegans. My dream is to see egg replacement used in all home and commercial scale baking products. I’m not really trying to turn the world vegan, I’m a terrible vegan myself, but I do think if we can encourage the majority of the population to switch up small habits – like using real eggs in home baking – then we can make dramatic positive changes to the future of our planet.”

Alternative cakes are available in packs of two and four as well as single 5” cakes, and come in packaging that is 100% recycled from plastic bottle tops and 100% recyclable.