Kallø creates protein-packed Veggie Cakes

Kallo Veggie Cakes
Veggie Cakes

Kallø has introduced an innovative line of Lentil & Pea Veggie Cakes into the healthy, plant-based snacking category.

Available in two varieties – Beetroot and Spinach & Pesto – the Veggie Cakes are low in fat and calories, high in protein and fibre and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Describing the snack as a unique innovation, the brand says it launched the Veggie Cakes in a bid to help introduce new, younger, consumers to the category and appeal to those looking to diversify their snacking choices.

With a stronger flavour profile than rice cakes, Kallø Veggie Cakes can be eaten with or without toppings. They contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, are gluten-free and suitable for a coeliac diet.

“This is the first time Kallø has taken the rice out of a rice cake to create a new and innovative snack option,” says Bryan Martins, marketing and category director at brand owner Wessanen UK. “Not only do the new range of Veggie Cakes offer bags of flavour, they are also highly nutritious – more so than many other comparative snacking brands. The 122g packs are perfect to suit at-home snacking or light lunch options, and the delicious flavours make it ideal for attracting new consumers into the category. Our consumer feedback at trial phase was incredibly positive and we’re confident they will have strong appeal.”