Soil Association seeks feedback

Soil Association

The Soil Association (SA) is offering a free copy of its 2020 Organic Market Report to those who complete a short online survey before 20 November.

“We’re in the process of collecting data for the 2020 Organic Market Report and would be grateful for your help. By completing this survey, the information you provide will be collated with other responses to estimate the trends in the market during 2019.

“Your feedback is extremely important so that we can get an accurate and up-to-date view of the size of the market – we don’t have the facilities to trace sales outside the major retailers, so it’s vital to have your input,” says the SA.

A copy of the report – usually priced at £100 + VAT to Soil Association Certification licensees – will become free to anyone who provides feedback through the survey, once it becomes available in February 2020. The SA advises that your data will not be shared, ‘except when collated with other results’.

To complete the short questionnaire please visit