HealthyDoesFestive – a new seasonal campaign from HealthyDoesIt – has launched, offering consumers a ‘generous giveaway’ of festive items in celebration of the natural health industry.

Encouraging shoppers to ‘take positive steps towards a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year’, HealthyDoesFestive enables a handful of HFMA brands to have their products ‘centre stage of an exciting and engaged consumer campaign’.

The giveaway’s purpose is to provide the public with ‘responsible and purposeful advice from a number leading natural health experts all in one place’ and to continue signposting shoppers to local health stores.

Another key objective of HealthyDoesFestive is to ‘attract thousands of new users to an already fast-growing’ mailing list; anyone who enters can opt in to regular HealthyDoesIt emails.

Esther Mills-Roberts, communications manager, HFMA, says: “HealthyDoesFestive pulls together learnings from previous campaigns, making the most of a festive giveaway to increase our consumer reach and engage with our HealthyDoesIt experts, who have provided content. This is, of course, one of the busiest times of the year for health store retail, and we are proud to support the industry with this campaign, to increase awareness of natural products amongst consumers, and point them towards health stores.”

Retailer wishing to promote the giveaway to their customers can use the following link: