Nutrisure, the company behind Naturya has launched what it is positioning as the UK’s first superfoods brand specifically formulated for the over-50s, SuperAge.

Created to meet the specific needs of over 50’s and help them to maintain a physically active lifestyle, the SuperAge range of powdered blends can be added to milk, shakes and smoothies, and are initially available in Holland & Barrett stores.

Available in 175g pouches, the vegan blends are high in protein and fibre and have no added sugar. The first three products are:

  • SuperAge Immunity – a blend of plant-based hemp protein and spirulina and chlorella superfood powders, scientifically formulated to support a healthy immune system, delivering high concentrations of vitamin B12, C and D, Iron and protein, along with camu camu, turmeric and ginger
  • SuperAge Energy – nutrient-rich hemp protein is combined with maca, camu camu and invigorating ginseng to help fight fatigue and nourish the body, along with vitamin B6 and C, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus to contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system
  • SuperAge Digestion – a combination of hemp protein powder with inulin fibre and prune extract, along with bacillus coagulans to keep the digestive system healthy and nourish the body while also delivering nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system and grow and maintain muscle mass.

“Today’s over 50’s are super agers, with the mental or physical capability of their decades-younger counterparts,” says Martin Kemp, Nutrisure CEO. “They have an active lifestyle, are very focused on their health and wellbeing, and are aware of the contribution superfoods and health supplements can make to their lives. Boosted energy (55%), stronger immunity (67%) and improved digestion (76%) are the top three health benefits that over 50’s say would encourage them to consume more superfoods and with the launch of SuperAge we now have the perfect solution just for them.

“We have created our SuperAge superfoods to help these consumers do more of the things they love, while feeling confident they’re doing what they need to look after themselves. The new range is life-affirming, not deprivational or medicinal. It meets the daily health and wellbeing needs of these smart, savvy, active and affluent consumers. The Super Age is their time, and our new SuperAger products are here to help them get the most enjoyment out of their lives.”

Nutrisure is supporting the launch with a campaign running across print, digital, social media and sampling, which includes a partnership with nutritionist and World Masters and British Masters rowing champion, Joy Skipper.