All-natural black-owned skincare brand Ava Estell has been created to change the ‘outdated management’ of hyperpigmentation, eczema, blemishes and dark spots.

‘Made with melanin in mind’, the natural and vegan products were created specifically for the black community and people of colour by brand founder Yaw Okyere in response to his wife’s feeling of insecurity over her hyperpigmentation.

The family-run business highlights the disproportionate focus on white skincare in the UK and the harmful chemicals and bleaches often used in hyperpigmentation solutions that are marketed to non-white consumers.

The product range aids the management of dark spots, psoriasis, blemishes and more, formulated with cocoa and shea butters Ghana, combined with plant extracts.

The offer includes Summer Body Cream, Winter Body Cream and The Body Restore Kit – a duo of the brand’s Activating Body Scrub and Magix Cream, which work together on skin that experiences hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, blemishes, dryness, dark spots or dark areas, psoriasis and eczema.

Okyere comments: “Developing Ava Estell has taken me on an enlightening journey of the changes that need to be made in black skincare and the beauty industry as a whole and I’m so proud to play a part in closing the race gap that is so prevalent in the cosmetics world.

“We’re pleased to have introduced a great range of skincare products that work to relieve so many common frustrations for people, and using all natural ingredients, sourced from Ghana, Ava Estell is a product everyone can be proud of.”