Organic Series

Poland-based DermaOrganic has launched its Organic Series range of natural and organic skincare products into the UK market.

The extensive collection of 76 products, spanning skincare, body care and hair care, contain concentrated blends of botanical ingredients and are crafted to be sustainable, natural and innovative.

The brand says each product has a high concentration of active ingredients (35-68%) that are carefully selected to work together for efficacy.

The products include Oxygenating Cream Forte  for skin requiring strong regeneration and nourishment. Based on lamellar technology which mimics the natural mechanisms of human skin, it delivers active ingredients deep into the layers, inhibiting signs of ageing, moisturizing and rejuvenating. The cream has a soothing and antioxidant effect, due to the inclusion of sugar leaf algae, sea fennel and corn fibres.

Organic Series Vitamin C 10% serum aims to improve skin tone, fight imperfections, while brightening and hydrating. The Superox-C ingredient releases vitamin C on contact with skin, preventing oxidation prior to use and improving penetration. Aquaxtrem complex is included to increase synthesis of the basic structural components of the skin, responsible for maintaining long-lasting hydration.

The Forte creams have a ‘unique biomimetic structure’ which the brand says mimics the structure of the skin. The innovative hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans formula ensures intense penetration of the active ingredients via a light, easily absorbed cream.

Containing up to 98% organic ingredients, most of the products are vegan, and all have been formulated to decrease the risk of sensitivity or reactions. They have been dermatologically tested and DermaOrganic is working towards having an ‘Independent testing’ logo on all SKUs.

The packaging is certified by ECOCERT, and the tubes are made from sugarcane and recycled materials. The products are housed in an airless vacuum system, which protects the ingredients against oxidizing and keeps the ingredients fresh for up to 12 months once opened.