EarthKind launches with eco-friendly shampoo bars


Formulated by trichologist Tony Maleedy for everyday use, UK-produced EarthKind Shampoo Bars have been created to help protect the health of hair and scalp, as well as the planet.

The bars are created using natural, sustainable ethically sourced vegan ingredients, including organic oils, and come in plastic-free packaging. They are available in an initial three varieties:

  • Bergamot & Sage — a rich and nourishing bar made by blending organic avocado and olive oils with coconut-derived cream cleansers and penetrating moisturizers. Designed for naturally dry or chemically processed hair, the shampoo imparts intense long-lasting moisture giving hair a vibrant colour and rich shine.
  • Citrus Leaf is a frequent use bar which is light, gentle and refreshing. Created to improve the texture and condition of oily and regular hair by replenishing moisture, it is deal for daily or after sports use.
  • Tea Tree and Eucalyptus uses oils which have antimicrobial effects on the scalp, thus helping to reduce the level of bacteria and yeast that cause dandruff and other scalp problems. It also has a smoothing and calming effect on irritated scalps.

“We have taken proven natural ingredients, some of which have been used for thousands of years to improve the hair, and combined them with the latest advanced materials, all from natural sources,” says Maleedy. “The use of these natural ingredients allows EarthKind to create outstanding products which make your hair strong, luxuriant and beautiful. Our shampoo bars are ethically created, plastic-free and are kind to your hair and kind to the planet.”