California-based circular economy advocate the National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC) has partnered with Natracare to offer confidence to US consumers over how personal care wipes are labelled.

NSAC reports that the pandemic has ‘resulted in increased clogs in sewer systems as people use more wipes falsely labelled as flushable’. In 2019, Natracare launched Europe’s ‘first truly flushable’ moist tissue wipe, meeting the rigorous requirements of Water UK’s universal testing specification.

Now, the British brand’s partnership with NSAC will ‘bring hope’ to the US, where its Safe to Flush Moist Tissue is also sold, to ‘lobby for more truth’ in the labelling of ‘flushable’ wipes.

Across the US local, state and federal wastewater operators, legislators and Government officials are advocating for more robust laws to ‘deter flushing and prevent clogs’ in sewage systems. Legislation was recently reintroduced, co-sponsored by NSAC and the California Association of Sanitary Agencies, requiring wipes to be clearly marked with the phrase ‘do not flush’, accompanied by a public education outreach programme, schooling consumers in what not to flush.

Susie Hewson, Natracare founder and director, comments: “From the beginning Natracare has been committed to providing sustainable and healthy products, as well as campaigning for other brands to do the same. Natracare proudly joins NSAC to continue on this mission by developing a sustainable wipe that does not clog pipes or release plastic into our waterways.”

Heidi Sanborn, executive director, NSAC, adds: “The National Stewardship Action Council is thrilled to welcome a sustainability leader like Natracare as a member. We look forward to education the public about Natracare’s environmentally preferable personal hygiene products so that more Americans can make purchasing decisions that support their health and a circular economy.”