As Europe braces itself for a winter flu outbreak, protect yourself with Sambucol and the power of black elderberry.

Experts across Europe have warned the EU to brace itself for a bad flu season this winter. A new vaccine has been produced which is effective in fighting H3N2, the flu strain likely to hit the region this year; however, the vaccine is generally available for free to over 65s, pregnant women, those with an underlying health condition or children under two years old.

Sambucol® Black Elderberry represents a natural alternative to the flu vaccine that can help build immunity and limit the duration of cold and flu symptoms if they do appear.
Rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins, black elderberries are known for their immune health benefits, but over 20 years ago, a leading virologist discovered that these berries also had significant anti-viral properties, and thus developed Sambucol®.
Sambucol® has a unique formulation and production process which preserves and maximises the naturally occurring health benefits of the berry. These black elderberries provide a distinctive mode of action called AntiVirin®, which helps protect healthy cells, weaken infectious viruses and boost immunity.

Influenza Viruses replicate themselves by entering cell membranes and spread throughout the body. Several studies suggest the Antivirin® mode of action works by preventing the initial viral infection through 3 potential actions that occur simultaneously:

a) “VIRUS INHIBITION” – The flavonoid content (antioxidants) present in black elderberry weaken the viruses and prevent them from entering health cells. Thus, inhibiting their replication.
b) “CELL PROTECTION” – Lectins from black elderberries “compete” with the influenza virus in binding with cell membranes which viruses also use to enter the host cell. Therefore stopping virus replication.
c) “IMMUNITY STIMULATION”: Sambucol®’s black elderberry helps increase the production of cytokines which play a key role in the immune response to viral invasion.

Sambucol® Black Elderberry, a range of food supplements, is available in liquid, capsule, effervescent and pastille formats with specific formulations for adults and kids – Sambucol® Immuno Forte – Our best formulation for all the Family!

Cold and flu experts know that Vitamin C and Zinc offer immunity assistance. Both have been added to the antioxidant-rich original formula for extra protection when you need it most.
Sambucol® Kids 120ml – A delicious child friendly formulation containing Black Elderberries and Vitamin C perfect for children up to 12 years.
Sambucol® Original 120ml – The original black elderberry formulation that helps support the immune system of the whole family.

Black elderberries are proven to help fight viruses.  For further information please contact PharmaCare Europe at [email protected]