Calcium and vitamin D supplements could save EU billions

old people

The use of calcium and vitamin D supplements for people at high risk of suffering osteoporosis-related health problems could save the EU around €4 billion in healthcare costs over five years.

A Frost & Sullivan report, commissioned by Food Supplements Europe, looked at the use of a 1,000 mg calcium and 15 μg vitamin D supplement for a target population over 55 years old. It found that there would be an expected return of €3.47 in savings for every €1 spent on supplements or fortification.

Osteoporosis is a significant health burden faced by over 27.8 million people age 55 and older in the EU, of which women account for approximately 80% of the prevalence of this condition. The direct cost of osteoporosis-attributed bone fracture treatment in Europe is over €26.4 billion per year and is expected to grow.