Bio-Kult launches infant health campaign

Bio-Kult has launched a campaign to raise awareness of how probiotics and vitamin D can boost immunity from the very earliest stage of a baby’s life.

The From Birth and Beyond initiative features the character of infant health expert Lenny the Lamb and incorporates educational marketing material for independent retailers including posters, shelf edgers and bunting.

Bio-Kult, which produces Bio-Kult Infantis – a multi-strain probiotic formula specifically designed for babies, toddlers and young children – is also offering its team of qualified nutritional therapists to stores for staff training and infant-themed in-store events to educate customers.

“A balanced gut flora plays an essential role in supporting strong immune and digestive systems and is influenced by birthing methods, breastfeeding and early antibiotic use,” says Protexin’s technical advisor and nutritional therapist Natalie Lamb. Probiotic (live bacteria) supplements for infants, such as Bio-Kult Infantis have been shown to help support a healthy gut flora.”