EatBy App launches to reduce food waste

With a staggering £154 billion being wasted on uneaten food each year in Europe and the US and about a third of all food produced being discarded, the problem of food waste is massive – both financially and environmentally. Enter the EatBy App.

Developed by husband and wife Steffan and Barbara Lewis, the EatBy App was born out of their passion for finding a solution to the environmental surrounding food waste and aims to reduce household food waste and save users up to £700 every year.

“We had the idea one lunchtime after we had to throw out the food we’d hoped to eat because it had passed it’s use-by date. That led to a purge of all the out-of-date food in our kitchen. And quite frankly, we were shocked and disgusted with ourselves when we realized how much we waste,” explains Barbara.

“We are under no illusion that our app will immediately solve this global problem,” says Steffan, “but if only a few million people download and use it, then it’ll already make an impact and that’d be a great start. Obviously, we’d like everyone to use our app and benefit from it!”

The Android version of the app is being rolled out today (5 June) and the Apple version will be out later this month. It is free to download and use, and has an optional shopping list that can be activated with an in app purchase.