It’s Crunchtime for Cereal Lovers

Cereal Lovers are introducing its Crunchtime snacking pouches at Natural & Organic Products Europe in April.

The range is oat-based and high in fibre and comes in a handy, portable 60g resealable pouch for an energy boost any time, any where.

The clusters come in three varieties: Chocolate, Belgian chocolate baked into oats with honey for a rich, indulgent energizer; Sunshine, described as a cinnamon and nutmeg spice sensation, baked with oats and rice, and sweetened with orange juice and honey; and Forest, a rich, malty toasted treat with a rugged, seedy texture.

The grazeable healthy snacking format is designed to suit kids’ lunchboxes, for workout energy or deskbound dipping, doubling as a portable granola-on-the-go bowl.

The ingredients are all-natural and locally-sourced where possible, and unlike classic granolas the ingredients are all baked together.

“You simply cannot create our Nuggets with a traditional approach,” says creator Jenny Fox-Johnson. “Baking them as we do and on the machinery we use we are able to mechanically alter textures, and by setting the baking times and temperatures throughout baking we can again manipulate texture and the taste as well. Our production method is unique.

“We have taken a huge step forwards by creating a very complex recipe, up to 15 ingredients in each type, that bakes all the ingredients making digestion easier, but above all, with lots more ingredients to hand including seeds, juices, honey, rapeseed oil and spices,” she continues, “the world is your oyster with regard to building great tastes.”