Mums quizzed on organic

The Organic Trade Board has engaged with members of the popular Mumsnet community to find out their views on the category as part of a special online promotion.

Over 300 respondents joined the debate, spurred on by the opportunity to win a Neal’s Yeard ‘pamper hamper’.

“We had really great interaction with Mumsnetters,” said Organic Uk campaigns manager Catherine Fookes.

“Mums are our target audience so it was important for us to engage with them directly and get them talking about organic. Usually threads get about 150 responses but ours was double that at over 300. Our mumsnet campaign microsite also had over 50,000 hits, which means we are really getting the message out there on the benefits of organic food to our core target audience.”

What the mums said:

“I have a fortnightly fruit, veg, salad and meat box from Riverford. They are fantastic. The taste and quality is always so much better than the supermarket. My young children will now eat all types of meat and veg that they would not of entertained before.”

“I dont buy any organic stuff. It’s not at all important to me. I don’t buy it as I seem to still be alive after not eating organic and I don’t buy into all that crap vitamins, organic shit.”

“I buy organic when it is reduced to yellow labels prices or on promotion, however as a lot have already said its just priced too far out of my food budget when I’m trying to feed my family.”

“I buy some organic food – I try to buy organic milk as I’ve read in several places that it is one of the few organic foods where there is a chemical difference and it can be scientifically shown to have more of the good things in it than non-organic milk.”

“I am on a budget, but buy organic teabags, carrots and potatoes, as I have heard that if you’re going to spend the organic premium, than these are products whose non-organic varieties are usually plastered in pesticides. For most food I buy organic when it’s marked down, but usually I just thoroughly wash and/or peel fruit and veg, and organic meat is out of our budget.”

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