Faith In Nature ends crowdfund with 138% of initial target

Faith In Nature

Faith in Nature has ended its first ever Crowdcube campaign by smashing its original target of £550,00 with a final total of £761,452, having raised 97% of the target within the first 24 hours.

Amassing over 850 investors, Faith In Nature intends to use the funds to become the first UK company to implement SAP Footprint Manager to get a steer on its environmental impact and ensure responsible growth as well as to invest in further innovation in the recyclable, reusable packaging space and create products to better suit a circular economy.

This investment will help us … accelerate our own growth as well as the spread of Nature on the Board

“It’s not an easy time financially for people, so to be joined by nearly 850 new investors taking us to 138% of our target is amazing,” says Faith In Nature’s creative director, Simeon Rose commenting on the positive outcome.

“We’re a much loved company that’s earned our customers’ trust over nearly 50 years and I think our investors recognise that. I’m sure our recent move to appoint Nature a director of Faith In Nature has also played its part in this support. In doing so, we’re recognizing the natural world as a key stakeholder in our company — but for more companies to follow our lead in this, we need to continue to be commercially successful too. This investment will help us do just that — helping accelerate our own growth as well as the spread of Nature on the Board.”