First alkaline ionized water launched in UK by ACTIPH Water


Claimed to be the first alkaline ionized bottled water in the country, ACTIPH Water has hit UK shelves.

ACTIPH is available in 600ml and 1-litre bottles and is produced using a three-stage process of purifying spring water, adding electrolytes and supercharging it by ionization.

This process creates an antioxidant water with an alkalinity of pH9.5+, which ACTIPH says is the highest alkaline level available on the market.

In the USA, alkaline water is the fastest growing water category as well as the fastest growing beverage category, rising by 70% in the last year alone (Nielson).

Appealing to a broad consumer audience, the brand believes this new water category will enable retailers to boost their existing drinks offering across the bottled water, health, sports and energy drinks categories.

Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, founder of ACTIPH Water, comments: “ACTIPH Water is unlike any other water, it’s not just a water and not just a sports or health drink, it is the birth of a whole new category, and that is exciting for retailers.

“We set out to create a water that not only enhances hydration but makes people feel better so they have the energy to say yes to life, and sets them up to make the most of every day.”

The launch is being fully supported by a marketing campaign to raise visibility and drive consumer demand through PR, influencer, social media campaign and an experiential sampling programme.

Consumers will see ACTIPH at pop up events and at the OM Yoga Show, Vegan Life Live, Move It, Be Fit London as well as broad media coverage.