Booja-Booja supports indie retailers with online resource

Home Deliverers locator
Home Deliverers locator

Booja-Booja has created a Home Deliverers locator – an online resource to help promote independent wholefood and health food shops who have started offering home delivery to customers in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The brand is hosting an interactive Home Deliverers locator map on its website so that consumers can find a local store offering home delivery. It is also promoting the resource on social media so more retailers and consumers throughout the UK can find it and use it.

“We have always appreciated the importance of independent wholefood shops,” explains Louise Collins​, Booja-Booja marketing coordinator, “and how they operate at the heart of their local communities, offering a personal, human-scale service that goes beyond just stocking wholesome food. As many of these shops are now offering a home delivery service for those in their community that need it, we wanted to do what we could to help.

We have always appreciated the importance of independent wholefood shops and how they operate at the heart of their local communities

“So we created the Home Deliverers locator map as a resource for people to find a home delivery service near them. It’s as simple as that. We will continue to add to and update this resource for all to use and hope it performs a useful function for new and existing wholefood lovers, and help support the amazing job being done by local retailers, who are going the extra mile to serve their communities.”

One of the stores participating is Hanover Healthfoods in Edinburgh. Commenting on the new service, director John McKee (pictured in shadow on a delivery) says: “It is fabulous that Booja-Booja has got our backs. There isn’t anything else at the supplier level which is helping us this way. For us it has been a great opportunity to get back to basics and make deliveries direct to our customers’ homes. We are one of a tiny number of health stores which were around for the Spanish flu and I’m damn sure we are going to survive this one too!”